Yoga is a practice of deepening awareness and opening your body, heart and mind to your fullest expression.

Nude Yoga is an opportunity to remove a large social barrier - clothing - and then practice the Yogic awareness in an environment that embraces an even freer, more fully revealed Self.

For sincere Yoga practitioners who feel drawn to Nude Yoga, most find that it is a very liberating and healing experience. Most report that it deepens Self awareness and Self acceptance, and creates a more positive body image.

No. It is about practicing Yoga in an environment free of limitations.

Concerns over arousal and getting an erection is one of the most common questions I get about Nude Yoga.

Erection is a natural function of the body. It is not shameful. It can be caused by any number of sensory stimuli or different types of energy moving in the body and mind.

Yoga is about deepening Self awareness and honoring your own Self expression is every way. If you get an erection during the class, treat it as part of the yoga. Breath into it, observe the energy surrounding it, and then keep going with the yoga class.

Most men find that when they are sincerely involved in the Yoga practice, erections do not occur very often.

Nude Yoga, when practiced with sincere yogic principles, is about self-acceptance and non-judgment. It is not about what you look like undressed, how nice your body is, or how well endowed you are. It is an opportunity to celebrate who and where you are in your body, mind and heart in this moment, and then invite more openness, acceptance and transformation. Yoga and Nude Yoga can be very healing on many levels, including your relationship to your body.

Again, Yoga is about acceptance of where you are. Yoga is not a competition. Be honoring of your current abilities, always do your best and watch the transformation over time. Do not compare yourself to others. The only positive witnessing of others who are more advanced is to draw inspiration from what is possible and use that as fuel to deepen your own practice.

If you have some basic yoga experience or are in average to good physical health, then I encourage you to give it a try. You should approach the practice in a way that pushes you to the edge of your limits without injurying yourself.

This class is usually a good balance between physical challenge, body and breath awareness and deepened meditative relaxation.

“Tantra is the call to awaken from sleep and
see that life is love and love is God.”
Ma Ananda Sarita & Swami Anand Geho, Tantric Love