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Tantra and Tantric Yoga Services in Atlanta, GA

Tantra Yoga Overview

Tantra is a long tradition of Yogic practices and techniques which attempt to integrate and weave awareness of the divine into Daily life.

Despite Tantra's popularity in the west as a practice for better sex and deeper intimacy, its original intentions are much deeper and aimed at the expansion of consciousness.

I teach and offer Tantra as part of the Traditional system of Yoga as a way of connecting more deeply with the Self and Spirituality. I teach it in conjunction with Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga which are also part of Indian Traditional Yoga.

I also understand and am willing to teach the westernized Tantra which focuses on working with the erotic energies, offering that as an extension of the true Tantric Yoga. In this context, I offer only the philosphies, instructions in specific techniques, education and coaching as a guide for you to delve into it as a private practice. For information on Western Tantra which deals with Sexual energy please read the "Western Tantra Coaching" section below after completing this introduction.

This section is an overview of Tantra Yoga as a Spiritual Discipline and Path.

Like all Yogas, Tantra is a scientific method which is designed to systematically prepare the body and mind to explore and experience the True Nature of the Mind or the Self. It seeks to purify all aspects of the individual so that the Individual Consciousness can merge with the Supreme Consciousness. This experience is most commonly called "Enlightenment" or "Self-Realization".

Tantra is a specific Yogic path which includes many different techniques, practices, tools and philosophies. Many of the commonly discussed types of yoga, including Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Kriya Yoga all are a part of the Tantric Tradition. In fact, Tantra has a philosophy of including everything and utilizing any means necessary to achieve the final goal, and thus it is easy to incorporate many different paths into the Tantric Path. It is so inclusive that it can be utilized by anyone of any religious or spiritual background.

Tantra as a path is an exploration of Life and the Energy which creates life. This Energy or the Power of Consciousness is referred to as "Shakti" and Consciousness or the Witnessing aspect is referred to as Shiva. In Tantra, the practitioner seeks to connect to the Divine Nature of all of creation and weave that sacredness into every aspect of his life.

This "Weaving" is an integration of and acceptance of all of life within the Practitioner and is done through various stages using specific techniques which are appropriate to the individual's needs. Once the Divine Nature of life has been experienced in all things, the Practitioner then seeks to awaken Kundalini (the Shakti force in the body) and then merge Shakti and Shiva within his own Consciousness. This Unification of Shakti and Shiva creates the state we call "Enlightenment" and is the ultimate goal of Tantra.

Along the Path of Tantra, various changes in body and consciousness occur which produce increased levels of peace and joy in the practitioner, all the while deepening the practitioners awareness of the Energies which make up life.

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Tantra Yoga Sadhana Guidance

Sadhana (pronounced Sahd-Nuh or Sad-Nuh) is the term used to describe a Yoga practitioner's self-effort with regards to Spiritual Practice. It refers to the methods and actions one takes to reach the final goal of Yoga after one has consciously begun a spiritual path.

Tantra Yoga Sadhana guidance will be offered initially through Private Individual, Private Couple and Private Small Group sessions. In the near future, I hope to offer these as group workshop intensives and corresponding classes as well.

These sessions and workshops will give the individual a foundation in understanding the philosophies of Tantra and the appropriate tools and practices to work through the different stages of Tantra.

The beginner will be introduced to the basic Tantric principles and given methods with which to commence practice with the proper state of mind. Once this foundation is laid, most beginners will then utilize methods of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga to help prepare the body for higher stages of Sadhana and to awaken awareness of the Prana (energy) in the Body and Mind. Common practices at this stage include Asanas (Yogic Postures), Pranayamas (Yogic Breathing), basic meditation techniques as well as foundations in Yogic philosophies which support and deepen the physical practices. Other techniques may be offered as is appropriate for an individual.

As a student progresses, other techniques and methods such as Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Tantra Kundalini Yoga will be added to the Practice in addition to deeper understanding of Tantric Yoga philosophies.

Please contact me with any questions you may have and to set up your first session.

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Western Tantra Coaching Sessions

Western Tantra has become very popular. It utilizes some general Tantric concepts and blends them into what some have called "Neo-Tantra." This Neo-Tantra is based upon genuine Tantra and Tantric Principles, however it is a small slice of Tantra, not the whole of Tantra. In Western Tantra, specific advanced Tantric techniques have been selected and used for sexual healing and enhancing the act of lovemaking.

In terms of Traditional Tantra as a Spiritual Yoga Discipline, Neo-Tantra or Western Tantric practices are based upon a very advanced ritual involving a Spiritualized Physical Union. In Traditional Tantra, this practice requires years of preparation through disciplined Tantric Sadhana. The goal of the ritual is to unite Shiva and Shakti through a symbolic physical union of two who have discovered themselves to be entirely sacred, thus attempting to merge the last concept of Duality into Non-Dual experience or Enlightenment.

Neo-Tantra or Western Tantra as an erotic awareness and sexual healing tool is quite effective for those who wish to use the techniques. It can act as a body positive healing method for those wishing to more deeply honor and respect their sexual expression and nature. It also benefits the practitioner by increasing stamina and control over orgasm, as well as providing increased awareness and heightened sensitivity to erotic and sensual pleasure. It can also profoundly deepen the intimate connection and depth of genuine love and compassion between two partners if they are practicing it together. And at its most profound experiential level, it can bring a genuine sense of Spiritual connection and experience to lovemaking.

Like more traditional Yoga, regular practice is usually needed to get great benefits, although most people will notice some benefits fairly quickly. And quite a few have rather profound experiences early on.

I am willing to teach this and coach you at any level of experience with Yoga, but I recommend that you consider beginning other Yogic practices as a way of laying a deeper foundation with which to progress before you begin Western Tantra. If not before then at the same time. If, however, you are only interested in the Erotic elements of Western Tantra, I will still be willing to work with you.

Through Western Tantra Coaching, I will teach you the principles and the practices of Western Tantra which will help you achieve the benefits listed above. It is recommended that if you have a partner that you both undertake this coaching together. If you are single, then it is recommended that you initially keep this as a personal practice for yourself.

Coaching Sessions Can Include Instruction in:

  • Philosophy and Tantric Education
  • Preparatory Practices
  • Intimacy Exercices
  • Guided Meditation and Healing
  • Massage Training
  • Tantric Erotic Massage (Lingam or Genital Massage)
  • Tantric Sacred Spot Massage (Anal or Prostate Massage)
  • Tantric Masturbation (for Individuals)
  • Tantric Lovemaking Techniques (Sacred Intimacy)
  • Tantric Union Ritual (Sacred Union)
  • Creating a Personal Tantric Yoga Practice
  • Benefiting from Tantra in Daily Living

Western Tantra Coaching guidance will be offered initially through Private Individual, Private Couple and Private Small Group sessions.

During the coaching sessions, we will find a way of working together that best suits your needs and your comfort levels. I can coach you through different experiences, or I can give you tools and exercises that you can take home and practice alone or together as a couple. We will create coaching session boundaries to ensure that your privacy and personal comfort is respected at all times.

This Western Tantra based upon erotic energy is also a great way to introduce yourself to Tantra. Once you get started and discover the joy and peace that Tantra can bring, I hope you will want to dive into the other aspects of Tantra as well.

Please contact me with any questions you may have and to set up your first session.

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…I immediately became more relaxed, even with his very first touch.
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To achieve full self-realization we must connect our sexuality physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
- Dr. John C. Pierrakos, Eros, Love & Sexuality

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