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Weekly Men's Yoga Class Schedule

Due to limited class size and an intimate setting, you must pre-register for each individual class date. Unless otherwise indicated, all weekly yoga classes will be held at Jeff's Home Studio in Avondale Estates.

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 7:00pm - 9:00pm Nude Kundalini Tantra Yoga for Men Next class: Mar 4th
No Class: Apr 1st

 4:30pm - 6:00pm Nude Hatha Yoga for Men Next class: Mar 8th
No Class: Mar 29th

Class Fee Options
90 Minute Class (Sunday) Two Hour Class (Wednesday)
5 Class Prepay ** (Buy 4, Get 1 Free) $80 (Average $16 per class) $100 (Average $20 per class)
Single Class $20 $25

** 5 Class Prepay option expires 3 months from the date of first class usage.

Nude Hatha Yoga for Men

This class moves from an active warm up, through a more intense workout style focusing on leg and upper body strength and toning, and then finishes with stretches to open the whole body while focusing on hip and spinal flexibility. Awareness of breath and sensation are emphasised throughout the class. Some exploration of energy activation, chakras and partner practices are also possible.

Clothing is removed towards the beginning of the class with awareness given towards freeing the participants of the masks and limitations that we sometimes feel are needed in our daily lives. This freedom allows us to find deeper self-acceptance for our body and our unique expressions.

Each man is given space to honor, experience and deeply heal his own body and mind through this practice.

This class is appropriate for most beginners. Please bring your own Yoga Mat and a towel to class.

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Nude Kundalini Tantra Yoga for Men

This class is for those wishing to explore the deeper implications and practices of Tantra Yoga as a path of self-healing, transformation and deepening Self Awareness. Building on the format of the Nude Hatha Yoga class, this class integrates deeper layers of Kundalini Tantra Yoga practices to include more advanced postures, advanced breathing practices, chakra awareness and meditation. The class concludes with non-erotic Tantric group and partnered connection practices designed to deepen subtle energy awareness, energetic activation, and awareness of the deeper True Self.

This level of energy opening is part of the Tantric tradition's emphasis on activating and awakening a deeper level of human/spiritual potential from within the human biology itself. Benefits include deeper relaxation and peace, improved health, greater flow of energy, greater Self awareness, and the potential to activate deeper levels of self healing and mystical experience. Once you have learned to tap into this inner source of energy, you can learn to channel it to benefit almost any area of your life, including relationships, sexuality, career, abundance, health, Self healing and spiritual awakening.

It is highly recommended that you have some prior yoga experience. If you are new to Kundalini Yoga, please contact me prior to registering. Please bring your own Yoga mat and towel to class.

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“To achieve full self-realization we must connect our sexuality
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”
Dr. John C. Pierrakos, Eros, Love & Sexuality
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