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Male Massage Session Overview

Massage Sessions are tailored to the needs and goals of each individual client. Whether you are seeking a more therapeutic massage experience, or a more sensual/erotic male massage experience (sometimes called gay massage), or a blend of the two, it is my sincere goal to honor your fully and offer you the most enjoyable and discrete experience possible.

Even though it is sometimes called gay massage, this form of male massage is for all men. I work with gay, straight and bisexual men of all ages and body types. All men, no matter what their sexual preference may be, can benefit from the experience of male to male touch, connection and bonding. After all, who else knows your male body better than another man? I provide a safe, discrete envorinonment for you to be able to explore your own body, pleasure and masculinity without judgment.

For the Therapeutic male massage elements, I generally add NeuroMuscular techniques to Swedish massage to ensure that muscle groups are addressed in a more detailed and complete way. Whether you are seeking a light relaxing experience, a Deep Tissue muscular workout or anything in between, we will work together to find the correct balance of pressure for you.

Sessions can include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Stretches, CSFT (Cerebro-Spinal Fluid Technique) and energy balancing. Any or all of these techniques may be blended together to help you reach your session goals and have a wonderful nurturing experience.

Specific individual goals may include stress reduction and relaxation, improved circulation and muscular performance in conjunction with an exercise program, reduction of muscular pain patterns, assistance with rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, deepened awareness of your mind/body connection and many others.

No matter what pressure you choose, with over 27 years of experience, my hands will deliver a skilled nurturing, pleasurable touch and always provide your body and mind with the relaxation it is needing.

Therapeutically, I specialize in reducing stress, tension and pain in the following areas: neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back and buttocks.

Your session can always be adjusted to your own personal desires and needs, but below is an outline of a typical session:

I usually start with the client face down, and begin the massage working with the heated oil on the back, paying special attention to the upper traps, the areas between the shoulder blades and the lower back. I Starting with the back because most clients find it the most relaxing overall, and therefore it is an excellent way to get some of the major muscular tension reduces right at the beginning, so the remainder of your time can be even more pleasurable.

Continuing to incorporate different qualities of touch to blend deep therapy with light relaxing caress and sensual touch, I work on the backs of the legs and buttocks. Tight hamstrings and pelvic muscles are common causes of low pain pain and neck problems, so this work helps to relax and realign those areas in addition to the benefits to the local muscles themselves.

While working the legs, and buttocks, many clients enjoy long strokes, pressing into the inner thighs which increases the pleasurable, sensual and erotic nature of the male massage experience. Some men also enjoy the pleasure of prostate massage at this time.

After the client gently and slowly turns over, I continue the massage in the chest, neck and shoulders, using various massage strokes and techniques, and pressures ranging from deep to light. Since the neck and shoulders are the another common places for people to hold tension, this creates even deeper relaxtion in the spine and back muscles and helps you to relax and release stress and tension while at the same time calming the nervous system. I then continue the session with the scalp and face massage.

From there I apply the heated oil and massage the fronts of the legs and feet, ensuring a broad, long stroke all the way up into the inner thighs. When the legs are complete, I massage all the way up the legs to the abdomen and chest, and begin broader, full body strokes which address every inch of your body. In this way, using a versitile set of techniques, your male massage experience concludes with a full release of all your stress and tension.

Most special requests can be honored, so please do not hesitate in expressing you needs and desires, as I want to offer you a full experience that satisfies. Also, if you have special needs for your comfort, such as extra pillows, please do not hesitate to let me know. I also encourage you to communicate with me about the areas of your body which require special attentions, such as sore legs, shoulder tension, or low back pain. Additionally please tell me if there are areas that you do not want worked on, such as an area that is injured or sensitive to touch.

I try to keep the room at a comfortable temperature and usually burn Nag Champa incense prior to or during the Massage Session. I use an unscented Heated Massage Gel made by Biotone, which is oil based.

It is my hope that you will leave your massage fully relaxed and drained of tension with all stress released from your body. I know you will find your Massage session with me both deeply enjoyable, as well as profoundly relaxing and therapeutic for your body and mind.

Jeff has an extraordinary touch. Very Intuitive…
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Technique Definitions

The following specific descriptions are presented to help you understand some of the types of massage techniques that I use and their specific applications. Please note that most of these techniques can be combined into a single session. Their use will be determined by your goals. Be sure to read the information which follows to help determine the session goals that most suit your needs.

Male Massage
This refers to a massage than honors the fullness of your masculinity and your unique needs for pleasure and touch as a man. It does not have to be just for men seeking men, but rather for men of any sexual orientation that appreciate the ability to be free to enjoy their own male body through touch, relaxation and pleasure. Unlike a spa massage which can feel "clinical", in a male massage you are free to be comfortable and free in your masculinity. It also goes by the names m4m massage, lingam massage or nude massage.

Gay Massage
This is another term that is similar to Male massage. It implies that the fullness of your male body and its special needs will be addressed as part of your male to male massage experience. Even though it is referred to as a "gay massage", it is available to be experienced by straight, gay or bisexual men without judgment.

Tantra or Tantric Massage
This is sometimes used interchangeable with erotic massage. And for some, it simply means the same as erotic massage, male massage or gay massage. For others, it has a deeper meaning, where Tantra is connected to Yogic methods of Self-awareness and Self-improvement. From the more Tantra Yogic perspective, Tantric massage is a method of learning to access deeper levels of freedom and pleasure in all areas of life. Tantra massage combines methods of erotic/sensual massage with yogic breathing techniques and methods for activating the life force energy within the body. Over time with practice, this increases the amount of life force and orgasmic energy available in the body. It can help develop stronger erotic staying power and overcome premature ejaculation. Combined with other methods, it helps to build greater stamina and sexual potency into the male body, while also increasing pleasure and general health.

Swedish Massage
The classic combination of body and muscle manipulation that rubs and kneads tensions away. Soft tissues and joints are addressed to increase blood and lymph circulation, enhance range of motion, and ultimately calm the nervous system and reduce stress.

Deep Tissue Therapy
Aching, contracted muscles benefit from slow strokes and deep finger pressure. Chronic patterns of tension in muscles, tendons and fascia are worked on to restore the body's optimum alignment and suppleness.

NeuroMuscular Therapy
A specific set of techniques designed to identify and treat "Trigger Points." These Trigger Points are specific areas within the soft tissue which create radiating pain or pain referrals to other parts of the body. For example, tightness in the shoulder area which causes a referring pain pattern experienced as a headache.

This technique consists of invigorating massage techniques such as myofascial compression, trigger point therapy and transverse friction to release adhesions. Gentle stretching and myofascial release techniques help restore and improve balance, equilibrium and range of motion. Recommended for pre- and post-event muscle maintenance.

Myofascial Release
Myofascial release is a specific technique which addresses the connective tissues which hold the body together. The process releases and unwinds areas of fascia which have become restricted and bound, thus freeing the areas to increase blood flow, range of motion and release restricting pain patterns.

Massage For Stress Release

Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Increased Mental Focus
Improved Sleep
Increased Circulation
Increased Relaxation
Detoxifying Effects

Imagine the etheric music drifting you into peace as gentle, yet firm hands soothe your tired muscles with hot oils.

One of the most popular uses for massage therapy is as a way to simply relax, unwind and let go of stress. Often thought of as a "treat" or a method of "pampering," it is indeed much more than that!

Yes, of course massage feels wonderful. It can even feel extravagent and luxurious. What's wrong with that? But the simple truth is that nothing else compares to the effects it has on the human body. Simple nurturing touch which naturally draws you into yourself to feel more aware of your body. Drifting into relaxtion while your mind naturally follows the ebbs and flow of touch, as the mind slows and synchronizes itself with the music and the slow rythmic, connected touch of human hands.

Massage for Stress Reduction and Relaxation uses traditional Swedish Massage elements, adjusting the pressure to best suit your body. This is the classic "Spa style" massage which gives you a quiet peaceful place to unwind, let go and deeply enjoy a little "me time".

Make the deep relaxation of massage therapy a regular part of your life!

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Massage for Pain Management

Decreased Muscular Pain and Discomfort
Improved Circulation
Faster Recovery From Surgery
Increased Range of Motion
Decreased Healing Time
Increased Relaxation

Chronic pain interferring with your life? Have you recently had a surgery or an injury?

Massage Therapy can help! Massage and NeuroMuscular techniques help to pin point the areas causing pain, and release them. It also helps to restore greater circulation to the area of pain or injury, helping the body naturally remove wastes and bring in new oxygen and nutrients that heal the tissues faster.

Some chronic pain which is more general can be addressed within the context of a full body massage in the classic swedish style and integrating some NeuroMuscular techniques into the session. For more serious pain problems, it may be necessary to use the entire session time to work on the specific problem and the surrounding areas.

Are you ready to feel better and put pain behind you?

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Improved Athletic Performance

Improved Muscle Tone
Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion
Enhanced Physical Performance
Increased Circulation
Increased Relaxation
Faster Muscle Recovery
Improved Mental Focus
Reduced Stress and Tension

Are you serious about sports and excercise?

Sports massage offers an amazing way to complement and enhance your personal excercise training program or your competitive sports training activities.

During a Sports Massage session, the focus is on muscular and physical performance. We use massage and stretching techniques to invigorate the muscles, lengthen muscles fibers and tendons, improve muscle tone, and enhance removal of metabolic wastes. This improves overall muscular function and range of motion, which in turn helps you train and compete at your top performance while at the same time reducing the risk of injury and improving the muscular recovery time.

Sports massage is a wonderful therapy to help make your excercise and sporting activies more enjoyable, safer and more productive.

Make Sports massage an integral part of your training program and reach new personal performance goals! To schedule your Sports massage session, contact me right away!

“…our most intimate acts of loving another person
also signify our feeling of oneness with the sacred.”
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussatt, Spiritual Literacy