Ask most anyone who practices Reiki, or is basically familiar with Reiki, and you will likely get a standard definition that sounds a little something like this: "Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy which is used for hands-on healing." Some people will also include the fact that it is "spiritually guided".

Now, the above definition is perfectly legitimate. But, I ask you, what if Reiki is more than this? What if that definition limits its full potential? What if it could be used as a foundation of experience and understanding which will help you not only facilitate healing in others, but also provide you with powerful tools for deepening Spiritual Awareness? What if Reiki could step beyond a "healing system" and become a powerful tool on the journey to discover your True Essential Nature as Spirit?

My experience and my research says that Reiki is much more than a healing system. In fact, it is believed by some that the origin of Modern Reiki was taken from ancient Tibetan Tantric Buddhist practices. And in that original form, it was a process of Spiritual Development, and not a "healing system".

My Journey with Reiki and Tantra Yoga

When I first came to Reiki over 11 years ago, I learned and practiced what I was taught: a healing system called Reiki. And for the most part, the only people learning it were those interested in being "healers".

I saw and felt its power as a healing system, but my inner Self kept longing for something deeper. It wanted to awaken its Spiritual Nature, and Reiki seemed to be missing something. I kept searching.

That search finally brought me to the Spiritual study of Tantra Yoga. After 7 years of intense study, while still working with Reiki as a healing system in my private practice, I finally saw the connection. I had read about the possible Tantric roots of Reiki before, but it took more time for it all to click into place.

The intention and understanding that my study and practice of Tantra yoga brought to me as a student and teacher of Spirituality finally made itself known to me in the Reiki system as well. And they merged.

Reiki for me is now a tool for my continued Tantric Study. Having made this discover, I now wish to share the even deeper potential that Reiki has as a tool on the Tantric Yoga path of Spiritual development with others.

I finally realized that it was not that Reiki was missing anything, but rather I had not been given the additional understandings to allow me to see and experience Reiki's full potential. The study of Tantra yoga gave me those added pieces and the additional tools needed to deepen my search.

My experience is that at some point for the steady practitioner of both, Reiki and Tantra can merge into one path of Spiritual development. Their complementary nature will draw them together into the Tantric system and Reiki will become a powerful tool in your deepening of Spiritual Awareness on the Tantric Path. And for this purpose, Reiki is just as profound for the Self practitioner, and most certainly not limited to just those who are wanting to be "healers". It is for anyone and everyone.

“Every bodily movement has its source in the divine. Everything we do, everything
seen or heard, tasted or touched, can be undertaken as a devotional practice.”
David A. Cooper, Entering the Sacred Mountain