As a society, we have begun to shift from "only modern medicine" to also embracing a deeper understanding of energy and holistic healing. I see stepping beyond healing and exploring our deeper relationship to the Nature of the Spiritual Self as the next step in our understanding as a culture looking for deeper answers.. This will require a gradual shift in our intentions to find deeper spiritual understanding in addition to physical and emotional healing.

When more and more people begin a conscious search to understand true spirituality beyond simple alternative healing, then I believe something very dramatic will begin to happen on our planet. A shift will take place, that some say is already occurring, where our focus is on love, peace and harmony rather than material gain and survival. On discovering the truth of our Nature as Pure Spirit or Pure Consciousness, rather than trying only to relieve symptoms through modern medicine and alternative healing practices.

Those practices will remain a part of the arsenal to be sure, but the focus and intention of existence will be different. People will be striving to experience something very different than just healing. They will be seeking direct experience of Spirituality and the Essential Nature of the Self. Tantra Yoga has the potential to assist in this shift towards Spiritual Advancement. And Reiki as a Tantric tool is a natural match.

Together, they can help you not only balance the body and mind, but also take you beyond the overriding concerns of body and mind and deeper into peace. Understanding Reiki as a tool in Tantra also takes it out of the limited place of being something learned in order to heal others. It implies instead the powerful way that it can be used for your own Self as a tool of personal and spiritual growth. It can empower your own practice and exploration.

This means that Reiki, as a Tantric tool, is no longer just for "healers". It is for everyone and anyone wishing to balance their body and mind and more deeply explore the inner realms of Consciousness. This leads to direct experiences of deeper Tantric teachings and the unfolding discovery of who and what we really are and have always been: Pure Consciousness as the deepest nature of the Self.

Reiki and Tantra Yoga are a powerful combination on the path to deeper Self discovery. With sincere effort and practice, they will work together to help you balance your body, mind and spirit. With proper guidance, they will help you go deep within to discover the peace and the love which are already part of you. Reiki and Tantra Yoga will empower you to find joy and peace within your own Self. They will reveal themselves to be partners in a single goal of Self discovery: Tantra Yoga.

“Orgasm is the meeting of the infinite with the finite. …Enter into it as
a seeker of Truth. Let it become your meditation and your prayer.”
Ma Ananda Sarita & Swami Anand Geho, Tantric Love