For anyone who takes even a few seconds to look around at our society and our experiences in it, one will quickly notice many mixed messages. We are told of our guilt by "original sin" in the Christian churches. We are told that our bodies are impure from birth. That our sexual desires are wrong and should be controlled and repressed. Common natural functions such as urination and defecation are viewed with disgust. And many also view sexual expression even in its most simple forms with disgust.

While being confronted with these negative beliefs which have made their way into our unconscious minds, we also see beautiful bodies paraded in front of us and an unending array of products which are marketed to either directly or indirectly make us more appealing sexually, or make us better lovers.

In this way, our society uses the very weakness and shame it has created in us around our sexuality to trigger a desire to make ourselves, our bodies and our sexuality worthy again. They have told us we are no good, and then try to sell us something to make us good again, only to start the whole cycle over again.

As can also easily be seen, the products intended to make us sexier or a better lover, be it a pill, a sex toy, the latest underwear or fashion, softer skin, a deeper tan, a gym membership or anything else, in the end are short lived victories over the deep seated discomfort that has been engrained into our unconscious since birth.

These cultural attitudes have distilled down to our own psyches and been ingrained into our culture. Our culture then reinforces these beliefs and imprints them into every child growing up in our culture. The result is not simply guilt but instead a deep rooted sense of shame. Guilt is the feeling you have done something wrong. Shame is the feeling that YOU ARE the thing which is wrong.

What is needed is not a "magic bullet" to make us feel temporarily better about ourselves, but a method to undo the negative impressions which have taken place within our own psyche and unconscious minds. That Method is called Yoga. More specifically Tantric Yoga or Tantra.

“Every bodily movement has its source in the divine. Everything we do, everything
seen or heard, tasted or touched, can be undertaken as a devotional practice.”
David A. Cooper, Entering the Sacred Mountain