Tantra is a powerful system of Yoga which helps a practitioner transform the unconscious mind and connect deeply with the Sacredness of Life. This includes a deep connection with the Sacredness of our bodies and our sexuality. Which is why Tantra can be such a powerful healing and transformative tool for anyone, and especially Gay and Bisexual Men.

When working with the body and sexual healing in Tantra, we use special techniques to increase the erotic energy in the body, and become more deeply attuned to and aware of that energy. We create an experience in which we use our awareness to connect deeply with our sensory experiences and the erotic life force energy coursing through the body, and we build a bridge with that erotic energy into higher states of Spiritual awareness and experience.

Through this deeper connection which unfolds through regular Tantric Yoga Practices, our unconscious minds become gradually purified. This means old patterns of limitation, self judgment and shame begin to diminish and finally fall away. In so doing we begin to transform as individuals. We begin to grow in love and acceptance for our body, our sexuality and everything about ourselves. We begin to awaken to a deep experience of Sacredness within every aspect of our being and of life. We create an expanded sense of Identity which includes our Natural State, which is purely of Spirit and Love.

As this process unfolds, we also get side benefits. As a byproduct of this transformation, we learn to experience erotic pleasure more deeply, we learn to have better control over orgasms, we learn to let go and experience greater intimacy with our partner. We learn to honor our body and our sexuality. We make increasingly healthier choices with regards to our body's health and our sexual expression. We begin to experience the sacredness in our self and all of life.

Reconnecting to Sacred Sexuality as part of our personal and cultural experience is vital to undoing the cycle of shame and judgment which has surrounded sex and sexuality in recent history.

Once you have begun walking the Tantric experience of Sacred Sexuality through erotic healing you may also naturally be drawn to other Tantric methods of self transformation. Tantra is a powerful way to heal your erotic and sexual self. It is also a powerful method for creating spiritual evolution and transformation in all aspects of your life and experience. Once you have begun to feel the power that Tantra contains, I invite you to explore other areas of Tantra. I invite you to transform your life. To awaken to the Sacred Nature which is already a part of your True Self.

“To achieve full self-realization we must connect our sexuality
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”
Dr. John C. Pierrakos, Eros, Love & Sexuality